Why Your Phone Number May Not Be Supported by PayPal

Why Your Phone Number May Not Be Supported by PayPal

Have you been trying to add a phone number to your PayPal account but received a message saying it’s unsupported? Don’t feel embarrassed: many PayPal users have experienced this same frustration and found themselves scratching their heads over this issue. In this article, we’ll investigate why PayPal doesn’t support certain phone numbers and what can be done about it.

What Is a Supported Phone Number?

First let’s define what a supported phone number is: an approved number must meet PayPal’s verification requirements in order for PayPal to accept them as legitimate numbers for verification. PayPal will send a verification code directly to any phone numbers added to your PayPal account. To verify your phone number with PayPal, enter its verification code onto their website and submit. In order for a phone number to be considered supported by them, three criteria must be fulfilled:- it should be capable of receiving SMS text messages; not associated with another active PayPal account; and registered in the same country as your account. If it meets these requirements, adding it should not pose any difficulty at all.

Why Isn’t My Phone Number Supported?

If you encounter the message “This type of phone number isn’t supported” when trying to add a phone number to your PayPal account, it indicates that one or more criteria isn’t being met – most commonly being that your number cannot receive SMS text messages. If your phone plan doesn’t include SMS capabilities or there’s an issue with your mobile carrier, PayPal won’t be able to send the verification code for verification purposes. Another possible explanation could be that another active account already uses that phone number as their ID number. Each phone number can only be associated with one PayPal account at any one time; once used to verify another PayPal account in the past, that phone number cannot be reused again. Furthermore, if your phone number is registered to a country outside that of which your PayPal account resides, it won’t be considered an eligible phone number for verification purposes.

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What Are My Options To Add the Number to PayPal in the US?

For instance, if your phone number is registered in Canada but resides within the US, adding it won’t work with a US PayPal account. What Are My Solutions to Add This Information To My US-Based PayPal Account?? If your phone number isn’t supported by PayPal, there are a few strategies you can try:

  • Verify whether all requirements for using it have been fulfilled; Make sure your PayPal phone number can receive SMS text messages, is unaffiliated with other active PayPal accounts and registered in the same country as your account.
  • Consider adding another phone number. If you know of another phone number that meets all the requirements for PayPal, try adding that one instead.
  • Reach Out To PayPal Customer Support For Assistance If you’re still having difficulties adding phone numbers to your account, reach out to PayPal customer support for help. They may also offer alternative verification methods to address any problems or assist with troubleshooting of existing ones.

Final Thoughts: While it can be frustrating to encounter a message such as “This type of phone number isn’t supported”, PayPal does have verification requirements in place for security purposes. By only accepting supported phone numbers to accounts, PayPal helps prevent fraud while safeguarding its users. If you’re having difficulty adding one to your PayPal account, take a deep breath and don’t give up! With some troubleshooting and patience, you should be able to resolve this issue.


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