paypal right now we’re not able to complete this transaction

Have you encountered the error message “PayPal right now we’re unable to complete this transaction”?

When trying to purchase or transfer money with PayPal, don’t despair: many others are having similar difficulties. Many have experienced the headache that is Paypal, leaving them feeling helpless and uncertain of what their next move should be. In this article, we’ll look into why this error arises and provide ways to overcome it.

What Causes “Paypal Right Now We’re Unable to Complete This Transaction” Error Message

There could be several causes why you may be experiencing an “Paypal Right Now We’re Unable to Complete This Transaction” error when using Paypal.

  1. Check Your Account Balance: It is essential that the first step of completing any transaction be ensuring you have sufficient funds available in your account balance, otherwise additional money should be added or connected from another source of funding.
  2. Check Your Information: Double-check all of the details regarding your transaction, such as billing address, payment method and account info to make sure everything is accurate and current.
  3. Contact PayPal Customer Support: After trying the steps outlined above and being unable to complete the transaction, contacting Paypal customer support could be your answer. They can help identify any problems with your account or transaction and offer solutions to get past an error message.
  4. Wait It Out: In some instances, technical issues on Paypal’s part could be the source of an error message. If this happens to you, your only recourse may be waiting and trying again later.
  5. Consider Switching Payment Methods: When all else fails, switching up your payment methods might provide better results.


Experiencing the “Paypal right now we’re not able to complete this transaction” error can be disorienting and frustrating; however, it doesn’t have to be the end of your transaction process. There may still be ways for you to complete payment through another platform like Venmo or Cash App.

This issue with Paypal might seem frustrating but doesn’t need to be the end. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can pinpoint and resolve your PayPal payment issue. Make sure you double-check both your account balance and information before attempting a payment; and don’t be shy to contact PayPal customer support if assistance is needed.

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