Paypal Memes: Why They’re So Popular

Paypal Memes: Why They’re So Popular

Paypal has long been a favorite online payment platform, but now people use the platform not only for transactions but also as an outlet to create entertaining memes about it and share them across various social media channels. Paypal memes range from funny and creative, so there’s sure to be something here that’ll make you laugh.

What Is A Paypal Meme?

A Paypal meme is an image or video that uses humor to criticize or praise the services provided by this company. Paypal memes range from screenshots of odd transaction descriptions to mockery of customer service policies of the company. Many include humorous captions or taglines that poke fun at current situations or reference pop culture moments. Successful Paypal memes are those that connect with users on an emotional level, while Paypal memes first gained momentum during its expansion in early 2010s with new features and services being introduced by the company. People quickly realized they could use these changes to craft clever and entertaining jokes about their personal experiences with the platform. Over time, PayPal memes have become so widespread that they now boast their own subreddit and hashtag on social media.

Why Are Paypal Memes So Popular?

Paypal memes are popular because they’re relatable. All of us have had some sort of online payment experience and most have used Paypal at some point or another. Even those unfamiliar with it can appreciate a well-crafted meme about Paypal! Paypal’s widespread popularity makes it easy for people to share these memes with others who also find them amusing.

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Here are some examples of viral Paypal memes on social media:

  1. “When You Finally Get Paid and Paypal Take Their Cut” – This meme depicts someone holding an upturned face while holding onto small amount of cash, and reads, “When You Finally Get Paid and Paypal Take Their Cut.” This relatable meme shows us all dislike fees and charges alike.
  2. “Me: *buys something online* Paypal: *sends confirmation email* Me: *checks bank account balance*” – This meme depicts someone nervously checking their bank account balance after making an online purchase, with its caption emphasizing the anxiety associated with online shopping.
  3. “Paypal: Your payment has been delayed due to security reasons” – This meme depicts someone sitting impatiently before their computer and staring impatiently at their screen while waiting for their payment to be processed. This meme pokes fun at Paypal’s stringent security measures.

Here’s How You Can Create Your Own Paypal Meme

If you want to create your own Paypal meme, here are a few guidelines:

  1. Choose an appealing topic/theme
  2. Create the image within Adobe Illustrator Create an image or video that fits with the theme you are trying to achieve, add an amusing or informative caption, or tagline, that pertains to it and upload.
  3. Share your PayPal meme on social media using #paypalmemes or post it on the dedicated subreddit.


PayPal memes have taken off like wildfire in recent years and continue to get more creative and humorous by the minute! No matter your opinion of Paypal’s services, no one can deny their humour when it comes to user-generated memes created around it. So next time you browse social media keep an eye out for funny Paypal memes; you won’t be disappointed!


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