When PayPal Freezes When Transferring Money

When PayPal Freezes When Transferring Money

Have you experienced the frustration of trying to send money through PayPal only to have the platform freeze up on you? If that’s the case for you, don’t feel alone: many other people experience similar difficulties with it too. Many PayPal users have reported similar issues, which can be especially distressing when trying to complete transactions quickly. We will discuss reasons for PayPal freezing when trying to transfer money and possible solutions that might help get transactions processed more smoothly.

Causes Behind PayPal Freezing

There may be various causes behind why PayPal could freeze when trying to transfer funds between accounts:

  1. Security Checks – PayPal includes security features designed to safeguard both buyers and sellers against fraud. If the system detects suspicious activity in your account or transaction, it may trigger a security check that causes delays or even temporarily freezes it.
  2. Payment Disputes – When there’s an issue with a payment you have made or received, PayPal may place a hold on your account until the issue can be resolved – typically to protect both parties involved in the transaction.
  3. Technical Glitches – Like any software platform, PayPal may experience technical glitches from time to time that cause delays or freezes during transactions.

Possible Solutions

If your money transfer process freezes up when trying to transfer, there are steps you can take to try and address the issue:

  1. Verify Your Account Information – To make sure all of the account information you provided is up-to-date and accurate, such as your name, address, phone number and email address.
  2. Contact PayPal Support – Are you experiencing difficulty with one or more transactions or your account as a whole? Reach out to PayPal support immediately – they are there to assist in diagnosing the issue and offering guidance as to how best to address it. Visit PayPal Smart Help Articles for more details.
  3. Clear Your Browser Cache – If you’re having technical difficulties with PayPal, clearing out your browser cache may help resolve issues by clearing away temporary files or data that might be contributing to issues on the platform. Visit Smart Help Articles for more details.
  4. Verifying Your Identity – If PayPal has initiated a security check on your account, before proceeding with transactions you must verify your identity before concluding any. Follow PayPal’s prompts for this process to completion. Visit Smart Help Articles for more details.


Experiencing PayPal freezing while trying to transfer money can be extremely distressing. With proper knowledge and solutions in hand, however, these issues should quickly and smoothly resolve themselves. Remember to always seek assistance if unsure about anything pertaining to your PayPal account from their customer support team if anything arises requiring assistance with regard to it. Paypal customer support experts are there to assist with any issues, ensuring your transactions are processed safely and efficiently.

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