Have you experienced the frustration of paying with PayPal

Have you experienced the frustration of paying with PayPal and not receiving your money back after it wasn’t completed successfully? You aren’t alone – many others have found themselves in this frustrating position, yet there are ways around it. In this article, we’ll cover what to do if your PayPal case has been closed but no refund was processed.

What does that mean exactly?

When filing a dispute with PayPal, they open an investigation case to address it. Depending on the outcome of an investigation, PayPal typically issues refunds if a seller is found at fault; however, in certain instances the case may be resolved without this refund being issued. It could be for several reasons that your PayPal case was closed without receiving its refund; such as, proof of delivery from the seller; insufficient evidence from buyer; technical issues within PayPal system preventing refund; etc. Whatever it may be, if your case has been closed without being processed you may feel frustrated and helpless. Don’t fret though; there are steps you can take to address and try and resolve the situation.

What should I do if my PayPal case has been closed but no refund issued?

  1. Contact the Seller Directly: If your PayPal case was closed without refunding, it’s possible that the seller hasn’t been informed about it by PayPal. Get in contact with them directly by email or phone to explain the situation and request a refund. Be polite and professional in your communication; provide all relevant details such as PayPal transaction ID number or evidence to support your claim.
  2. File an Appeal With PayPal: If contacting the seller directly does not work, you may file an appeal with PayPal to have the case reopened and reviewed again. To do so, login to your PayPal account and go to their Resolution Center; find your case then select “Appeal”. Provide any additional evidence or documents you possess in support of your claim and PayPal will review and assess it again before reaching its decision.
  3. Contact PayPal Customer Service: If filing an appeal doesn’t work out for you, try reaching out to PayPal customer service for additional help. Explain the situation and provide all relevant details, such as your transaction ID and any supporting evidence, which supports your claim. Be persistent but polite while communicating, and maintain records of all contact with PayPal.
  4. Filing a Chargeback With Your Bank: None of the previous steps have worked, you may wish to file a chargeback with your bank or credit card company. In such an instance, it would be wise to contact both parties directly; file an appeal through PayPal; contact customer service directly; and/or file with your bank directly a chargeback request. Before filing a dispute online, make sure that you take steps to minimize potential future conflicts by being cautious when making purchases online.

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