Are You Struggling with Switching Your PayPal Transaction From “Goods and Services” To “Friends and Family”?

Are You Struggling with Switching Your PayPal Transaction From “Goods and Services” To “Friends and Family”?

Don’t feel bad; many PayPal users have reported difficulty when trying to switch from Goods and Services payments to “Friends and Family.” This article seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of why and how this issue arises, so as to enable its resolution.

Why Can’t I Change My PayPal Transaction To Friends and Family?

If the option of switching from “Goods and Services” to “Friends and Family” in PayPal has become greyed-out for whatever reason, this could be due to several reasons. Here are the most frequently encountered errors:

  1. You Have Already Paid the Fees – When selecting “Goods and Services,” PayPal charges a transaction fee that cannot be changed later to “Friends and Family.” Before proceeding with the transaction, make sure that you select the appropriate payment type.
  2. Seller Doesn’t Allow It – Another reason why changing payment types might not be possible may be that your seller does not permit this. Sellers sometimes prefer accepting payments via “Goods and Services” rather than Friends and Family as this provides extra protection against chargebacks. PayPal does however, have specific eligibility criteria for transactions conducted under Friends and Family. If the criteria don’t apply to your transaction, switching payment types won’t be possible.

How Can I Change My PayPal Transaction to Friends and Family?

If none of the reasons above apply to your PayPal transaction, here’s how you can switch it to “Friends and Family:

  1. Cancel the Current Transaction – If you haven’t made your payment yet, cancel and restart. On the payment page select Friends and Family as the payment type.
  2. Contact the Seller – If you have already paid for an item through “Goods and Services,” reach out to them to ask them for a refund of your payment so you can make new payments via “Friends and Family.” When this has happened, new payments can be made via “Families and Friends.”
  3. Wait For Payment to Clear – If your payment was sent through “Goods and Services,” but hasn’t cleared yet, cancel it and wait. Afterward, request that the seller send another invoice with Friends and Family as the payment option.

Why Should I Choose Friends and Family Payment Methods?

“Friends and Family” payment option on PayPal enables you to send funds without incurring any fees, making this an appealing way of sending funds without incurring additional expenses. Here are a few reasons why it may be worth using it:

  1. As previously stated, sending money through Friends and Family does not incur any fees; thus enabling you to keep all your money.
  2. Convenient and Easy – Sending money using “Friends and Family” is both simple and hassle-free. PayPal is widely recognized as one of the most trustworthy payment platforms globally. Utilizing “Friends and Family” will ensure that your payments remain safe.

Ultimately, changing a PayPal transaction from “Goods and Services” to “Friends and Family” may not always be feasible due to factors like fees paid, seller preferences or transaction eligibility criteria. However, if none of these options apply to your current transaction, contact the seller, or wait until payment has cleared before selecting “Friends and Family” as your payment type – an option which offers no fees, convenience and security benefits.

(Reference:1). PayPal. (n.d). PayPal makes sending and paying money online simple with their user-friendly platform – whether to friends and family or merchant accounts – so use it for all of your financial transactions today!

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