Using Non-VoIP Numbers for PayPal

Using Non-VoIP Numbers for PayPal

PayPal is one of the world’s leading online payment systems with more than 361 million active accounts worldwide, but setting up and managing one without an active phone number can be challenging. People typically register their PayPal accounts using their personal phone numbers; however, if this is not something you wish to do then there may be another solution available to you. Non-VoIP numbers offer an answer.

What Is a Non-VoIP Number?

A non-VoIP number refers to any virtual phone number not associated with any particular internet service provider (ISP). Non-VoIP numbers provide you with access to phone calls without the need for physical SIM cards or landline connections, making them convenient and flexible options that don’t rely on VoIP technology for communication.

Why Would You Need a Non-VoIP Number for PayPal?

There may be various reasons to use a non-VoIP number when creating and verifying your PayPal account:

  1. Privacy: If your concern lies with maintaining your anonymity and not sharing your personal phone number with PayPal, non-VoIP numbers provide another layer of anonymity.
  2. Security: Utilizing a non-VoIP number can protect your real phone number from fraudsters who could attempt to break into your account or steal your identity.
  3. Multiple Accounts: If you own multiple PayPal accounts, each may require their own phone numbers for verification.

How Can I Obtain a Non-VoIP Number for PayPal?

There are various methods you can take to acquire one:

  1. Online Number Providers: There are numerous services online that offer non-VoIP numbers at a fee, such as Google Voice, Burner, and Hushed.
  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN): If you prefer using VPN technology instead, a VPN allows you to alter your IP address and create a PayPal account using non-VoIP numbers instead. However, this method may still fail as PayPal may detect your use of a VPN and block your account.
  3. Spoofing Apps: There are various spoofing apps available on the market which enable users to spoof their caller ID and text message content. However, VoIP apps are frequently misused for malicious or illegal activities and should be treated accordingly.

How Can You Verify Your PayPal Account with a Non-VoIP Number?

Once you have obtained a non-VoIP number, the next step should be verifying it with your PayPal account – here’s how it’s done:

  1. Log into your PayPal account, navigate to “Settings,” and click “Edit” next to “Phone.”
  2. Choose to “Add a Phone Number,” add your non-VoIP phone number, click “Send SMS/Call Me Now,” receive the verification code, enter it into the verification field, and click “Confirm.”

Once complete – congratulations! Congratulations on successfully verifying your PayPal account using a non-VoIP number! Doing so can protect both your privacy and security while helping to manage multiple accounts more efficiently. As always, be wary when sharing sensitive data. Keep an eye out for any suspicious individuals or websites.

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