PayPal Credit: Does It Include a Card Number?

PayPal Credit: Does It Include a Card Number?

One of the world’s leading payment services, PayPal offers various credit options that enable users to purchase items over time with ease. In this article, we’ll address two questions about PayPal Credit: Do they have a card number and what exactly is PayPal Credit?

What is PayPal Credit?

PayPal Credit is an online credit line accepted anywhere PayPal is accepted. Users can take advantage of it to purchase now and pay later with no annual fee or interest applied, on purchases of $99 or more made within six months. Users may also opt to pay over time with interest depending on their purchase amount.

Does PayPal Credit Have a Card Number?

Unfortunately not; PayPal Credit does not come equipped with physical card numbers. Similar to traditional credit cards, PayPal Credit provides users with digital cards they can use for purchases. Once signed up for PayPal Credit, users will gain access to an available virtual credit line through their PayPal account. PayPal credit can be used for purchases online and in stores that accept PayPal.

Note: You won’t need to carry around another plastic card in your wallet!

How Can I Access My PayPal Credit Account Without Physical Cards?

Using your PayPal Credit account without physical cards is straightforward. Just log into PayPal Credit, link it with your balance account, and start making payments directly from it.

  • Login to your PayPal account and select the option for using your credit line at checkout
  • When making purchases online, choose PayPal as payment method at the checkout stage
  • Select “Pay with PayPal,” select your credit line as the payment method, and select the option to “Pay with PayPal.”

Using PayPal Credit in-store requires opening the PayPal app, selecting “Pay with PayPal,” then choosing your payment method (your credit line is preferred).

Why Doesn’t PayPal Credit Offer Physical Card Numbers?

There may be many reasons why PayPal Credit does not provide users with physical card numbers. First and foremost, PayPal is an exclusively digital platform, meaning all transactions take place via computer or mobile device. Furthermore, PayPal Credit does not technically qualify as a credit card but serves as an online loan facility accessible through your PayPal account.

By providing this service, PayPal gives users more flexible payment options without needing a physical card. Therefore, if you’re asking whether PayPal Credit comes with its own card number, the answer is no.

If you’re considering signing up for PayPal Credit, rest easy knowing you won’t need to carry around another plastic card in your wallet!


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