DoorDash and Payment Methods: Does DoorDash Accept PayPal?

DoorDash and Payment Methods: Does DoorDash Accept PayPal?

DoorDash is an acclaimed food delivery service, operating in various cities across North America and Australia. DoorDash’s convenient service of ordering from local restaurants and having food delivered right to the home makes it a go-to choice for many people. However, one question that often arises regarding DoorDash is if they accept PayPal as payment method. We will explore this question in this article and also provide additional details about this popular food delivery service.

What Is DoorDash?

Before we discuss whether or not DoorDash takes PayPal payments as payment, let’s first explore what this service entails. DoorDash was first launched in 2013 as an on-demand food delivery platform that connects customers with local restaurants. DoorDash works with thousands of restaurants throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia to bring customers an extensive variety of cuisines.

So let’s cut to the chase: does DoorDash take PayPal payments as one? Unfortunately, no. As of right now, DoorDash only accepts payments made using credit or debit cards. Doordash requires valid credit or debit cards as payment methods; however, its own gift cards may also be accepted as forms of payment. These gift cards can be purchased both online and at select retailers, then redeemed on the DoorDash app or website.

Why Doesn’t DoorDash Accept PayPal?

It remains unclear why DoorDash doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method. Some have speculated that PayPal charges merchants a fee per transaction, possibly contributing to its declining popularity. DoorDash may have decided to prioritize credit and debit card payments due to their widespread usage, as a payment alternative for food delivery services like DoorDash. While PayPal may not be accepted as a method for paying, other options exist to help pay for food deliveries with DoorDash.

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As previously stated, DoorDash accepts payments made using both credit and debit cards. So if you have a valid credit or debit card, ordering through DoorDash’s app or website should be effortless. In addition to these payment methods, DoorDash also accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay as acceptable methods. If you prefer using mobile payment options such as these mobile wallets, you can link your account with DoorDash and use them to pay for orders.

While DoorDash offers convenient food delivery service right to your doorstep, PayPal is currently not accepted as a payment method. Customers of DoorDash must use credit or debit cards, gift cards or mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay instead of PayPal when ordering from this delivery service. Unfortunately for PayPal users looking to order through DoorDash this could be disappointing news. However, with so many payment options on offer at DoorDash, it should be easy for you to find one that suits you.


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