PayPal Headquarters: Everything You Need to Know about 7700 Eastport Parkway

PayPal Headquarters: Everything You Need to Know about 7700 Eastport Parkway

Are you curious about where PayPal’s headquarters can be found? Look no further than 7700 Eastport Parkway in La Vista, Nebraska where one of their primary customer service centers – housing over 2,500 employees. Continue reading to gain more insight into 7700 Eastport Parkway and what happens within its walls.

History of PayPal at 7700 Eastport Parkway

Pay Pal’s La Vista office was first leased partially in 2003 when they started leasing part of it, initially only leasing up one portion. PayPal quickly expanded, eventually purchasing the entire building in 2016. Today it serves as one of its global operations centers.

What Happens Within?

At 7700 Eastport Parkway you’ll find an active customer service operation providing support to users all around the globe. Employees at The Treasury Group handle everything from account inquiries and fraud prevention/resolution. PayPal takes pride in creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for its employees, which includes customer service as well as risk management, human resources and finance departments.

Culture and Perks

PayPal prides itself on offering its employees a positive work experience that fosters teamwork. At 7700 Eastport Parkway, employees enjoy many perks that include an on-site gym, free snacks and beverages throughout the day, ergonomic workstations and more. PayPal encourages philanthropy through its Giving program, enabling employees to contribute funds for various charitable causes.

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Green Initiatives

As a tech company, PayPal recognizes the significance of sustainability by taking steps to lower its environmental footprint. At 7700 Eastport Parkway, solar panels cover much of the roof to generate clean energy for the building and have also implemented recycling programs and encouraged carpooling among employees. PayPal is dedicated to giving back both locally and globally through community involvement programs and donations. At 7700 Eastport Parkway, employees take part in various volunteer activities throughout the year, such as food drives and charitable walks.


If you find yourself near La Vista, be sure to stop by 7700 Eastport Parkway and witness first-hand what goes on at PayPal’s headquarters at 7700 Eastport Parkway – from customer service to green initiatives – at their headquarters location. Be sure to also visit PayPal online at, while for further details visit Wikipedia. For further reference visit Wiki Reference.